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Our role on these projects was to uncover the key insights to guide a design that provided a fit for both users and the "business".

TELUS Warm Home

When the TELUS service design group wanted to run Alberta-based sessions around understanding the potential of an emerging product, they came to us. We collaboratively created the research methodology, hypotheses and research goals. We then moderated the participatory design workshops and provided key insights into customer mindset and existing pain points that would ensure a better product launch. The end result provided clear direction on customer segmentation preferences and potential opportunities and pitfalls.

User Interviews Moderation Customer Workshops Journey Maps

B2C Service Design Telecom

T-Mobile User Research Design Ops

When the T-Mobile VP of Customer Insights had the existing User Research team added to her portfolio, she needed some help getting them to the same level as the rest of her high-performing team. We came in, got the lay of the land through stakeholder engagement, got the current state evaluated through an in-depth competitive assessment and then provided insightful recommendations with clear, actionable steps and a growth framework.

Stakeholder Engagement Competitive Review

B2C e-Commerce Consulting Telecom

ATB Work Re-imagined

When the Chief People Officer of ATB called us and asked about personas, we were happy to fill him in. Then he mentioned that it could be helpful for an ongoing project. We were interested. Then he said he needed something in a week and a half. We took a deep breath and said "sure!". The next 3 weeks was a whirlwind, but our work made a critical difference in how ATB approached user-centricity through their Google Work Re-imagined Digital Transformation project.

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Scoping Resourcing Personas Presentations Journey Maps

B2B Financial Services Digital Transformation

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